Nature's Touch NHC


How it all Started...

Why Natural?

My name is Paige Wilfert, and like many horse people out there, my love of horses began at an early age.

I started my hoof care journey in 2013 studying with Jaime Jackson and soon after, getting certified through the ISNHCP as a NHC Practitioner.

The U.S. Great Basin wild horses are sound and healthy, which makes them the "perfect model" for horse care. The term "natural" is often misinterpreted. What is "natural" to the horse is also what is normal to their species. A happy healthy horse is priceless, however simple changes in providing more natural care can also provide long-term time and cost savings!

One of the biggest things that sets natural hoof care apart is its holistic approach to horse care. Each horse's lifestyle and diet, the way they are worked and ridden, and the hoof care they receive, contribute to the hoof they rely on. The phrase "No Hoof No Horse" is undeniably true and with Natural Hoof Care we can offer our domesticated horses a way to truly thrive!

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