I started my love for horses at a very young age. Horses are my true passion and I am blessed to have a career that I can be around them every day.

ABout ME

Why Natural?


It is my number one goal to provide domesticated horses with the best care possible to meet their primitive needs, by providing professional Natural Hoof Care (NHC) services. Being a NHC Practitioner with the ISNHCP, does not just make me another "barefoot trimmer". I am interested in the health of the horse as a whole, that means addressing all aspects of the horse's life that shape it's hooves. The phrase "No Hoof No Horse" is undeniably true and with the Four Pillars of NHC - The Natural Trim, Diet, Horsemanship, and Boarding - we can give our domesticated horses a lifestyle in which they can truly thrive.

The wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin are sound and healthy, which makes them the perfect model to learn from. All trims are not created equal. The Natural Trim, based on the natural wear patterns of these "perfect" horses, facilitates wellness and healing in every domesticated horse and their hooves, through the application of proven practices and principles based upon the research and findings by Jaime Jackson on the healthy, fit, and sound wild, free-roaming horses living in the U.S. Great Basin.