Why Natural?

The U.S. Great Basin wild horses are sound and healthy, which makes them the "perfect model" for NHC. The term "natural" often is misinterpreted, what is natural to the horse is also what is "normal" for their species. The domesticated horse world is full of "norms" that are far from what is truly normal and natural to the horse.  Natural Hoof Care allows for the successful keeping of domestic horses in the most natural environment possible. A happy healthy horse is priceless, however simple changes in providing more natural care often also provide long-term time and cost savings!

All trims are not created equal and the Natural Trim, being based on the natural wear patterns of those wild horses, facilitates wellness and healing in domesticated horses and their hooves. We can do this through the application of proven practices and principles based upon the research and findings by Jaime Jackson on the healthy, fit, and sound wild, free-roaming horses living in the U.S. Great Basin.

Every equine deserves exceptional hoof care. It is important not only to their soundness but overall well being. I strive to provide each equine with quality hoof care services to begin and maintain a successful life barefoot. I firmly believe it is my job to provide each equine with individualized care and as a client give you an understanding of what is going on with your equine's hooves and why . One of the biggest things that sets NHC apart is that each equine does not only get their hooves trimmed, but get the "whole" approach. Addressing all aspects of their lifestyle that shape and grow the hooves they depend on. The phrase "No Hoof No Horse" is undeniably true and with Natural Hoof Care we can offer our domesticated horses a way in which they can truly thrive.

My name is Paige Wilfert, I am the owner of Nature's Touch NHC.

I started my hoof care journey in 2013 and I am certified through Jaime Jackson in the ISNHCP as a NHC Practitioner, Field Instructor and Clinician. .

ABout ME

My love for horses began at a very young age. Horses are my life's passion and I am blessed to have a career that I can be around them every day.