4 ounce jar - $25.00 IN STOCK

(2) 1 gallons (with pump) - $150.00   IN STOCK

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16 ounce jar - $35.00 IN STOCK

64 ounce (with pump) - $45.00   IN STOCK

Will last 2 months for one horse @ 1 ounce (one pump) a day


1 gallon (with pump) - $75.00   IN STOCK

Will last 4 months for one horse @ 1 ounce (one pump) a day

$18.75/month - $45 a year in savings!*

Excel Rescue salve promotes healing of scratches, minor cuts and open wounds. Made with Excel EQ oil and pure beeswax, honey and avocado oil, it’s easy to apply and highly effective.

Scratches? Minor cuts and open wounds? Fungus? Cinch soreness? This salve has helped with all these issues and more. The best of Excel EQ oil combined with pure beeswax, honey and avocado oil heals skin in record time and promotes new hair growth, all without any harsh chemicals. No barn or horse owner should be without this product.

Excel Rescue Hoof Support

Daily Hoof Conditioner

Apply daily to horse's hoof wall and coronary band to help promote healthy hoof maintenance and repair, utilizing all natural ingredients.

​5 gallon (with spout) - $300.00 IN STOCK
Will last 20 months for one horse @ 1 ounce (one pump) a day $15.00/month - $90 a year in savings!*

*compared to purchasing the 64 ounce size for one year

32 ounce (squeeze top) - $30.00   LIMITED IN STOCK

Will last 1 month for one horse @ 1 ounce (one pump) a day


NOTICE: Excel Supplements has discontinued the 32oz,

it is still available while supplies last.

Excel EQ

All Natural Equine Supplement

​​Excel Supplements Inc. (ESI) is focused on bringing you the highest quality all natural supplements at affordable prices and with outstanding customer service. ESI’s horse formula, Excel EQ, will give your horse improved coat, body condition and performance by providing essential Omega-3 fatty acids (FAs) as well as antioxidant Vitamin E.

ESI offers Excel EQ, a Camelina oil based supplement for horses, canines and other pets. This palatable, top-dressed supplement is naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids (FAs) as well as Vitamin E. Omega-3 supplements have been shown to improve the health and performance for both healthy as well as compromised horses. Omega-3 FAs help reduce inflammation and inflammatory processes in the body can cause disease in the musculoskeletal (joints), hematologic, immune, and endocrine systems. Most clients see improved coat, body condition and performance in about 3 weeks from a daily dose of 1 to 2oz.

What Sets Excel Supplements Apart From Other Omega Competitors?
Camelina oil is unique amongst all other natural plant based sources of Omega-3’s. The Camelina oil in Emerge EQ contains up to 45% of the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), and has a 4:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 FAs. This favorable ratio of Omega-3 FAs helps promote the production of anti-inflammatory compounds which have been proven to help improve your horse’s health in a variety of ways. Camelina oil is also naturally high in the antioxidant Vitamin E. The Vitamin E is not only an antioxidant source for your horse or pet, but it also stabilizes the oil and gives it a longer shelf life than other products like flax oil. All of this combines to make    Excel EQ an ideal all-natural source of Omega-3’s and antioxidants for your horses, dogs, and other companions.

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