July 21,2019: Post-trim Right Front (above photo)
Shoe is removed and hoof is trimmed and balanced. The toe is left as to not over trim and allow healing changes in the hoof. The healing toe length measures at 40 degrees.

July 21,2019: Pre-trim Right Front (above photo)

Owner wants to remove shoes and transition barefoot. My observations are that the horse has run-under heels contributing to a "long toe".

June 19, 2021: Post-trim Left Front (above & below photos)

Trim #3 is complete. Measurements have indicated that there is still nothing yet ready to be removed at the toe. Progress is still being made and our healing angle coming in at 56 degrees. The horse has able to move around even more comfortably and spending time outside in a dry lot and arena. Sole has continued to grow in and thicken.

Case Study: Founder, P3 Rotation

Case Study: Shoe Removal

May 8, 2021: Pre-trim Left Front (above & below photos)

New growth has come down further from the coronary band. It will be of utmost importance moving forward to trim according to guidelines to keep the new growth and healing consistent. Getting her out of a stall and allowing her to move as much as possible will help blood flow and healing. Owner has begun construction of a Paddock Paradise track system.

August 24, 2019: Pre-trim Right Front (above photo)

Healing changes are starting to become visible, especially around the heel. It is vital to trim according to guidelines to continue making lasting progress.

These are best viewed from a computer, mobile devices will put pictures out of order.

March 12, 2022: Pre-trim Left Front (above photo)

Trim #9 and almost a full year from when we started!

Case Study: 

May 1, 2022: Pre-trim Left Front (below & right photos)

Trim #10 and we have a completely different horse from where we started! The sole is concave and the hole in the sole is completely healed. The horse is now ready to be left in the hands of the owner who has completed their ISNHCP training. It is vital for the owners of rehab cases to continue to manage the horse's diet and lifestyle. If everything stays consistent, the horse should have many more sound years ahead of her!

July 31, 2021: Post-trim Left Front (above & below photos)

Trim #4 is complete. Measurements have allowed me to remove excess toe, without over trimming. The horse has been able to move comfortably at all gates. The hole in the bottom of the hoof is moving forward towards the toe and will continue to do so until it disappears. Frog is becoming fuller and the hoof is starting to get a rounder shape.

August 24, 2019: Post-trim Right Front (above photo)

Trimmed and balanced. Not worried about the toe for now, mass changes will take care of that as the heels and the rest of the capsule heal and change.

September 19, 2021: Post-trim Left Front (above photo)

Trim #5 complete. A small amount of the old angle of hoof wall remains, our healing angle has made it 2/3 of the way down the hoof wall. I did not have much toe to remove, other than cleanup. The protection was no longer needed by the horse and the toe broke itself off.

May 8, 2021: Post-trim Left Front (above & below photos)

Trim #2 is complete. It would be tempting to remove the toe at this time, however my measurements have indicated that there is nothing yet ready to be removed, probably because the toe is necessary for protection. The horse has been up more often and moving around a bit in the indoor arena. The hole in the bottom of the hoof is still present but has shown improvement already.

January 31, 2020: Post-trim Right Front (above photo)

We have gotten to a healing angle of 56 degrees, a change of 14 degrees from where we started! Nail holes are completely gone and can continue with maintenance trims from here.

October 2, 2019: Post-trim Right Front (above photo)

4th-dimensional mass changes have "magically" brought back the toe and the hoof is really starting to really take shape! The nail holes are still making their way out of the hoof.

September 19, 2021: Pre-trim Left Front (above photo)

A view looking down on the hoof. Upon arrival I saw the hoof had grown enough that most of the old hoof wall had removed itself, exposing the old lamina and separation that was once inside this horse's hoof. We are getting very close to the end of our rehab!

April 2, 2021: Pre-trim Left Front (above & right photos)

Owner contacted about their horse in a desperate situation. Per a consultation with ISNHCP professionals a month prior to my arrival, the horse was immediately put on the NHC recommended diet. Healing changes can be seen near the coronary band due to the diet change alone. The horse had a severe case of founder, including coffin bone rotation and penetration through the bottom of the sole. Was stalled and barely able to stand with the pain. A vet was also contacted for pain management.

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