I compete in Equine Trail Sports and other trail ride competitions with obstacles. ​Desensitization is my specialty! Working with your horse to develop all sorts of obstacles including tarps, flags, water crossings, pedestals, bridges, balloons, gates, balls, and pool noodles, just to name a few. Developing a close bond with Natural Horsemanship and then building on that solid foundation to accomplish all your trail riding goals! Contact me to join my trail team or for a desensitization session with your horse!

Some horses are not perfect standing for their hooves to get trimmed or even picked out. I train with these horses specifically to be calm, trusting, and respectful with their feet while they are handled. I pinpoint the root of the cause, such as fear, disrespect, or lack of experience and adjust my training to achieve the best results for your horse.


Think Like a Horse

Have you ever sat and watched horses communicate with each other naturally? Horses communicate using body language, so if we want to effectively communicate with our own horses it is important to understand their body language. Natural Horsemanship establishes a clear communication between horse and human, allowing a miraculous relationship to develop between a natural-born prey and predator. Instead of using fear based training, Natural Horsemanship is humane and built on mutual trust and respect.


2018 Lesson and Training Fees
I am an Insured Instructor. Prices include applicable sales tax.

Training: $40* per 30 minute session

*Travel fee may apply if located outside 30 miles of my location in Trevor, WI.