What is Paddock Paradise?

Paddock Paradise is a "track boarding" concept based on “the lifestyles of the wild and free-roaming horses living naturally in the U.S. Great Basin” (the American Mustang) that was first conceived as a way to provide domestic horses with an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat.

The principal goal of Paddock Paradise is to facilitate health and soundness – both physical and mental – in our horses. In fact, it is an ideal preventative to many of the illnesses and disorders plaguing domestic equines who are forced to live in stalls or other forms of close confinement or, equally hazardous, in lush, sugar-laden grass pastures. In fact, a genuine PP can virtually eliminate the risk of laminitis, colic, Navicular Syndrome, Cushings Syndrome, and other debilitating conditions caused by an unnatural lifestyle and diet.  It also allows horses to eat as they do in nature – on the move!

An aerial view of my Paddock Paradise.

Ava coming back down the track after a trip to the water trough.

Eating together at a feeding station.

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My horses enjoying one of their favorite "camping" spots to rest and sleep.

A "path" my horses created on track.

Token, Ava, and Secret moving along on track together.

A Paddock Paradise track system will encourage movement even on small acreages. I only have just under 4 acres of property. It allows horses to live closer to how nature intended, moving freely 24/7 and eating in a more natural way by having constant access to the right kinds of food placed strategically throughout their track. You can create a track by installing both an outer and inner perimeter fence about 10 to 15 feet wide. I decided on 12 feet for my 3 horses. You can add an inner perimeter fence to an existing outer perimeter fence or create your own! I chose to configure mine with the ideal lay of the land, making sure to include the (non-toxic) trees and shrubs on the property! Horses will naturally create "paths" along your track, high traffic areas created to travel on, the same behavior observed in the US Great Basin wild horses!

Trees provide shade and obstacles around the open areas of the track. The horses have intertwined their own "paths" through them!

Ava and Secret "mutually grooming" each other.

Nature's Touch NHC

Hay nets encourage horses to nibble and move.

Want to Create Your Own Paddock Paradise?

Do you want to get started on a track for your horses or a boarding facility based on the PP concept? The book goes into detail on how to implement this revolutionary model and provides a guide for safe, natural horse-keeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses.