Maintenance Trim Fees

Mini, Foal

(under 3in wide hoof)

Starting at $45.00 + tax

Horse, Pony, Donkey, Mule

(between 3.5in - 5.5in wide hoof)

Starting at $55.00 + tax

Draft Cross, Large Breed

(over 6in wide hoof)

Starting at $65.00 + tax

Heavy Draft
(over 7in wide hoof)
Starting at $90.00 + tax​

Shoe Removal

$5.00 per shoe


Extreme hoof care situations will be handled case by case
and will be charged accordingly.

Unreasonably unruly horses may be subject to additional fees.

Please be courteous, be on time with clean and ready horses. Horse's hooves that are extremely wet or muddy/dirty will be subject to an additional $5.00 charge per horse to cover wear and tear on my tools and equipment.


I accept cash, check, PayPal and credit/debit cards.

Entire balance must be paid immediately after my service.

A 5% per month late fee will be charged for any invoice that is not paid within 30 days of receipt.

A $30 fee will be charged for any bad/bounced checks in addition to the  previous amount owed.

Service Area & Fees

Service Area

A travel fee may occur when traveling outside of my regular service area (Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, and Waukesha county).

IL residents are subject to an additional $5 fee per horse to cover the cost of tolls, gas and other fees associated with travel.


My Trimming

Natural Hoof Care is a trim based on the natural wear patterns of the U.S. Great Basin wild horse. To be most beneficial for your domesticated horse, I trim at 4-5 weeks to maintain natural balance. Making changes in a shorter amount of time keeps us closer to that wild model.